Lovemore Construction

There is no greater power than love
Everything we do is founded in love not fear

The actions we take as a result of this approach are as follows:

We lead with our heart and not with our head
We focus on collaboration not competition
We have a vision for tomorrow that we make happen today
We create partnerships with all our clients, suppliers and stakeholders
We act with love, accountability and integrity
We make mistakes, but we’re not the mistake.

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Reinforced concrete

Concrete is an important construction material in the construction industry. Formwork plays an important role in achieving geometry and developing the strength of concrete members.

This is also one of the major costs in building concrete structures. The use of formwork has a long history and many different formwork systems have been used in different projects. When designing and selecting a formwork system, requirements such as safety, cost, structural geometry, construction time and surface quality must be considered.

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