Lovemore Construction

There is no greater power than love
Everything we do is founded in love not fear

The actions we take as a result of this approach are as follows:

We lead with our heart and not with our head
We focus on collaboration not competition
We have a vision for tomorrow that we make happen today
We create partnerships with all our clients, suppliers and stakeholders
We act with love, accountability and integrity
We make mistakes, but we’re not the mistake.

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Brick Block

Generally, bricks will be made from clay. They are beautiful to look at and are definitely something you’ll want to put on the outside of the building for everyone to see. Sometimes bricks are also used in homes for aesthetic purposes, such as for brick feature walls.

The blocks are usually made from concrete and are much larger than tiles. They are not very pretty but they are durable and you will use them for cavity walls as well as partitions. Bricks and blocks are quite easy to tell apart, so make sure you’re careful when building hollow walls and don’t accidentally place them the wrong way!

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