Lovemore Construction

There is no greater power than love
Everything we do is founded in love not fear

The actions we take as a result of this approach are as follows:

We lead with our heart and not with our head
We focus on collaboration not competition
We have a vision for tomorrow that we make happen today
We create partnerships with all our clients, suppliers and stakeholders
We act with love, accountability and integrity
We make mistakes, but we’re not the mistake.

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Site clearance

Site clearance is the process of removing any debris, vegetation, or other obstacles from a construction site before construction can begin. This is an important step in any construction project, as it ensures that the site is safe and ready for work to begin.

The type of machinery used for site clearance will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. For small projects, a 360 excavator with a tilt rotator attachment may be sufficient. For larger projects, a bulldozer or loader may be needed.

In addition to machinery, site clearance may also require the use of other equipment, such as stump grinders, mulchers, and tree removal services.

It is important to note that site clearance can be a hazardous activity. The use of heavy machinery can create a risk of injury or damage to property. It is important to take all necessary safety precautions when conducting site clearance.

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